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We are Proud to Announce our New Partnership with Amolingua


EdYOUgallery is proud to announce that we have partnered with Amolingua as their English for Entrepreneurs training service provider.

English for Entrepreneurs
by Amolingua

Student entrepreneurs need to know how to talk business across languages and cultures.

The programme consists of 6 modules. Each module takes 1 month. The total duration is 6 months. It is perfect for high school students, university students, startup teams and company innovation teams whose native language is not English.

  • The required level for the programme is Intermediate. 

  • The required number of participants: 6 per group.

  • The programme curriculum is based on the experience of the course author taken from executive programmes at MIT and Harvard.

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  • Emotions and language

  • Neuroscience and language

  • Language Alter Ego

  • Sociolinguistics

  • Gestures and prosody


  • Cultural Intelligence

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Cultural dimensions

  • Cultural theories

  • Cultural elements


1. Who is your customer?

  • How to understand Market Segmentation

  • How to determine your Beachhead Market

  • How to create an End-User Profile

  • How to calculate TAM - Total Addressable Market for your Beachhead Market

4) How do you make money?

  • How to find your Business Model

  • How to identify the Pricing Framework

  • How to calculate the LTV - Lifetime value

  • How to calculate the COCA - Cost of customer acquisition

2) What can you do for your customer?

  • How to determine the Life Cycle

  • How to find the Value Proposition

  • What is the core of your business?

  • How to identify the Competitive Position

5) How do you design your MVP?

  • How to test Key Assumptions

  • How to build the MVP -Minimum Viable Product

  • How to test your MVP

3) How does your customer get your product?

  • How to determine the (DMU) - Decision-Making Unit

  • How to build the Process to get a paying customer

  • How to build the Sales process to get a customer

6) How do you build your team?

  • To be a Solo founder or create a Team

  • How to determine Positions and decision-making in a Team

  • How to use the 3 Rs system to balance your team

Study modes:

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