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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

EDYOUGALLERY LTD is a young Irish organisation fully dedicated to Educational and it is the result of 27 years of experience built by its owner Giovanni Rottura while working, with a higher level of responsibilities, within other organisations in Italy and the UK.
EDYOUGALLERY LTD is a robust, modern and flexible organisation providing travel, educational services, online activities in different subjects using the English Language as the main scope and it is also the hub of an international, worldwide network of carefully selected freelances, schools, and institutions, with a shared interest in, and a passion for, education. 
Each member is an expert in their field and has local accreditations as well as international recognition. All the teachers involved complement each other, providing a wide range of learning options, and are committed to assisting students and colleagues to find the very best opportunities for their educational and professional development and supporting school activities. 
We welcome teachers of English as well as of content or subjects who have connections with their teaching colleagues. Our aim is to dismantle barriers, encourage communication, and foster real collaboration between all involved in this branch of the teaching profession and Activities.
EDYOUGALLERY LTD support projects for juniors and Adults helping them to take out the talent that there is in each of them, with its academic unit which is constantly working on new and innovative projects to help support teaching and learning around the world. Some examples of these upcoming projects are: 
2.    STUDY ABROAD (Vacanze Studio) only for Italian Students

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