About us

EdyouGallery was born from EdYOUfest event that was a Giovanni Rottura and Chuck Sandy’s ideas in the summer of 2015. After hundreds of training and development events for English language teachers all over the world, it was felt that there was a need to organise an event which could give more time to teachers to share their training experiences while also enjoying some fun together.

The principal objective was to create a meeting place in which growing friendships could reinforce collaboration between teachers and would last the whole year.

The name chosen and used from the start was EdYOUfest, ‘educational festival’, with teachers and educational professionals at the heart.

At the start of September 2015, in Genoa, Italy, we collected some of the most well-known trainers from a variety of specialisations from all over the world with the remit to create the basis of a project which, from the very start, would prove to be effective. We then spent 3 days working: presentations, group work and discussions and naturally some great moments for socialising. In the end, an event was revealed and EdYOUfest was born.

After 5 years of growing success EdYOufest, because the COVID 19 has developed a new Online Structure, adding activities for Teachers and Students.


We have started to use the Company name: EdYOUgallery 

Two main Projects:

  • Academy Of Distinction

  • EdYOUfest

EdYOUgallery has also a dedicated area for Italian Schools:​

  • English Language Courses

  • Pon

  • Erasmus

  • CLIL

  • English Language Certification

  • Online qualification to teach English or in English (TEFL)

  • Teacher Developing


Giovanni Rottura

Thomas Jones

Bernice Camilleri

Dragana Stegić